Fleet Management Solutions

Vistaassetplus is a portfolio under Vistacool Technologies Limited. Under this portfolio we offer car tracking, fleet management solutions and more. Those are super-effective and efficient to help manage your personal and business fleets.
This solution provides reliable and analyzed information on the activities of the tracked vehicles thereby providing informed data for logistics managers that improves customer service and fast business decisions. We offer robust telematics devices (trackers) and software as a service backup with unparalleled installation ethics and best maintenance culture.
Another exciting feature of our vehicle tracking devices is that it helps protect your car from theft and ensure a quick recovery.
This system is designed to gather valuable and historical data about the tracked vehicle. Some of the data collected include distance covered, speed, location, time at a specified area, time at rest, customer service verification and the travel path.
The incorporation of a fleet management software program has aided the process of management decisions for the overall benefit of your fleet business activities. Active or real-time GPS tracking systems are incorporated in mobile phones to ensure a quick reportage of a vehicles GPS data. Data uploading to a computer is done via a timed frequency.
The completion of data uploads on most real-time systems takes place at about 2 to 5 minutes. The primary purpose of GPS tracking information is to enable you to make fleet management decisions.
The same is also applicable to real-time tracking in the sense that it is ideal for customer care, dispatching procedure, or the dispersion of vehicles over a larger area. The dispatcher can also monitor the movement of the cars on the system and can direct them to new routes or calls. It saves cost, fuel, time and effort.

Our GPS tracking system offers:

  • Faster time management

  • Vehicle speed control

  • Manage workers wage

  • Lower Cost of Fuel

  • Lower Maintenance Cost

  • Lower Insurance Costs

  • Correct billing information

  • Reduce Accident rate

  • Verify Customer Service

  • Customer interface timing

  • Efficient vehicle performance

  • Permit workers to take vehicle to their residential area