Vistacool Technologies is at the forefront of solar system installations, design and supplies in Nigeria. We believe that the future is green. When it comes to solar systems in Nigeria, we boast of providing the best alternative source of power. Our primary objective is the maximization of the solar energy to meet the illumination needs of the nation – whether in the residential areas or public places, whether in local or urban areas, whether in your apartment or factories.
Globally, solar energy is one of the most preferred power sources. So, don’t be left out on the solar revolution. It’s cheaper, convenient and sustainable. From installation to maintenance, our expertise and experience speak volume in solar energy…You can trust us. We develop a cordial relationship with our clients through the evaluation of site by our professional personnel. The personnel will work with you to ascertain your energy requirements and will proffer a solution that will suit your budgets as well as your needs. After that, our specialist team will get involved in the process by executing the project. We are not only involved in the supply of products – we offer solutions.
Due to the utilization of solar power in both rural and urban areas, we at VISTACOOL TECHNOLOGIES have made it a duty to provide these services to various customers in Nigeria, thereby ensuring a distinguished and standard service.

Our Solar Energy services are:


Our Solar services are sustainable and will always last.


Cheap services and products that will last longer.


You will always achieve maximum productivity with our product.


Our solar system will always give the best result in all aspect.


We sell products that can withstand every environmental factor.