Get Started, Be Secured

Every home and business needs security irrespective of its size or type. VistaCool Technologies Limited provides a wide range of security and surveillance products and services including CCTV, IP Camera. Our expertise is unbeatable in security solutions. With a range of product which includes, we shall take your security to the next level.
Over the years, we have delivered premium security and surveillance services to commercial spaces, schools and hospitals, banks and financial institutions, casinos, hotels and restaurants, stores, malls and shopping centers, city centers, warehouses, power plants, and other challenging indoor and outdoor environments. Unrivaled in functionality and performance, VTL's cutting-edge IP cameras are designed to meet and exceed the ever-evolving demands placed on video security installations. From high-definition megapixel to standard-definition IP security cameras, VTL offers the industry's widest selection of fixed and positioning network camera systems available. These open systems deliver unparalleled functionality, high-resolution image quality and full frame-rate video, bringing clarity and precision to your unique applications.
Our services incorporate various features like Instant Notifications, Fire Safety, Energy Management, Smart Locks, and Access Control, and these features will ensure the safety of your business. Asides the security, we also ensure the perfection of your loss prevention strategies, safeguard inventory, and ensure the smooth running of your business. Due to the improvement in computer-based technologies, security and surveillance systems can boast of having numerous users and operators. Powerful surveillance that can be handled easily at a moderate price is available in the market.